Sinspirational Games

High-quality interactive fiction (IF) erotica with adult themes.
In other words, we write porn games.

Cambion: Sire of Sin

Head Writer, Management, and Vision

Sinspirational Games is the brainchild of Cambion, who began the project in 2018 with the flagship game Paradise Inc. (formerly 'Paradise Heights'). He controls the finances, project management, and the lion's share of writing.

Luciana: Lady of Slaves

Writing, Design, & Technology

Luciana is the infernal alias of T.C. Dale, an erotica author who specializes in dubcon, taboo, and corruption. She is responsible for darker turns, digital design, game code, and is the Mistress of the Web.

What we do

We write sex. We write hot sex, dirty sex, fun sex, loving sex; we write gay sex, lesbian sex, and bi sex. We write interactive stories with characters you can get to know, seduce, and then fuck senseless -- or they fuck you senseless. Whatever strokes your boat!

Our current project is Paradise Inc..

An Interactive Novel

Almost one million words of a rich world, fully-fleshed characters, realistic dialogue, and hot as Hell sex scenes. Replay to meet new people, make new choices, and discover the consequences of your actions.

Transform Your Lovers

Discover the person they wish they could be, and make their dreams come true. Use your knowledge to reshape their mind and alter their body. They'll thank you for it. Repeatedly.

Sexy, Non-Stock Artwork

Original, professional artwork of each major character, before, during, and after their transformations.

Build, Unlock, and Upgrade

Flesh out Paradise by building new venues and upgrading existing ones. Each venue unlocks different characters, kinks, and sexy scenes!

Play for Free

Play the most recent public build for free! Content and features will never be pay-gated. And if you like it that much...

Early Access & Other Perks

Support us on our Patreon to get early access to new builds, content, and content. Supporters also get input on new features and storylines!

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